How long is a TIBALDI pen under guaranty/warranty?
Each Tibaldi pen is a guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase againts any functioning defects and for an unlimited period against manufacturing defects. Only parts that should be found defective by Authorized Tibaldi Service Agents, will be repaired or replaced under guarantee. In order to benefit from the International Guarantee Certificate, you will be required to present to an Authorized Tibaldi Dealers or Service Agent the International Guarantee Certificate, duly completed, dated and stamped by an Authorized Tibaldi Dealer.

What is excluded from the Tibaldi International Guarantee/limited warranty?
The Tibaldi International Guarantee/Limited Warranty does not include:

Damage resulting from accidental impacts, inappropiate or abusive use (shocks, crushing, etc.), alterations caused particularly by direct exposure to sunrays and/or to high temperatures, unauthorized repairs or manipulations as well as consequences of the normal wear and ageing.
Theft and loss