As is the tradition with all “Tibaldi for Bentley” pens, the GT Collection will include a fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pen, offered in four hues. The quartet includes Beluga Black, Silverlake Blue, St James Red and Silver Tempest – among the most popular colours selected by owners of the actual cars. The fountain pens are cartridge-converter fed and are fitted with solid 18K gold nibs.

Tibaldi selected a base material of brass with rhodium plating – sturdy yet handsome, like the vehicles the pens complement. A key design feature is the partially lacquered barrel with two side “cheeks” presenting a sophisticated layered texture; this example of craftsmanship recalls the attention to details typical of cars such as Bentleys, where fine execution is treated like the manufacture of jewellery. This sits at the heart of the brand design values, borne of an era defined by bespoke coach-building and hand-crafted execution.

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