Tibaldi continues to expand its strategic partnership with Bentley Motors by welcoming another addition to the Tibaldi for Bentley family of writing instruments with the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure series of fine pens.

Working together with the skilled artisans of Tibaldi, details of the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure were conceived by two visionaries in Bentley design: Robin Page, Head of Design and interior designer Jonathan Punter. Together, both Bentley designers were able to put forth an exquisite vision echoing the beauty and balance of the Azure Drophead Coupe.

the Tibaldi for Bentley Azure boasts a rich swathe of soft hand-massaged luxurious leather gracefully enveloping the pen barrel. Available in a wide array of stately colors, the leather sleeve is also hand stitched in the same careful manner cross pattern as the Azure Drophead Coupe’s interior with material received from Bentley’s own interior department.

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