An  inspiration for countless painters,St. Michael is always depicted s winged and  with un-sheathed sword.Adapted for the Pen by Tibaldi,The Archangel appears on gold background,the texture and detail simulating a mosaic.

Tibaldi’s designes have wrapped his image on the barrel,creating its detail in relief,for the Archangels wings,body and armor are produced in precious metal,hand engraved and perforated to show the colours of the classic icon through the apertures.The image is also engraved on 18K solid gold,part rhodium plated nib,with the Angels wings and armor highlighted in 18K yellow gold.

In keeping with the tradition Santus Michael Archangelus  has been developed according to the structure of the Divine proportion.Its clip is shaped like an Angel’s wing and incorporates the Tibaldi rotating wheel at its base

arcangelo_orizzontale_stilo_au_s arcangelo_orizzontale_stilo_s