Having wrapped the image of The Crucifixion of Christ around the pen’s barrel, Tibaldi’s designers recreated many of its details in relief. The figure of Jesus on the Cross and the Holy Virgin at His feet are reproduced in precious metal, handengraved and perforated to show the colors of the painting’s background through the apertures. The image of Jesus on the Cross is also engraved on the 18K solid gold, part-rhodium-plated nib. The end of the cap holds a Cornelian red stone representing the blood of Christ. The leaves and shapes on the cap of the Iesus pen take inspiration for typical Church decorations and patterns that may be found on Papal dresses.

A limited edition of only 333 fountain pens and 333 roller balls in sterling silver, and 33 fountain pens and 33 roller balls in solid 18K gold, will be offered. The number denotes 33AD, believed by most authorities to be the year of the Crucifixion. All pen trims are produced in either sterling silver or solid 18K gold and the pen body is fashioned from resin.

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