The Divina pen is the result of careful study of this amazing proportion. History, thought,aesthetic and artistic standards come together with the skill of the craftsman to create the writing treasures we have named Divina

Following months of intense study and dedication, the completion of a superhuman task has resulted in the revival of the perfection of the ancient world, carefully combined with cutting edge technology and refined materials. We are confident the Divina lives up to its challenging objective. Each of the Divina’s components is a multiple of phi , 1.618, and once assembled,respects the rule of the golden proportion. Divina is pure elegance, it gives pleasure and writes like no other pen can. The Divine Proportion permeates its forms, endowing it with the beauty of an ancient
Hellenist sculpture.

Designed to be immediately recognizable as TIBALDI, the ornament is one of the distinctive features of the pen: crowned with a pyramid cut mother of pearl or tiger’s eye embedded into a silver frame, it boasts a square section at the top, gradually tapering to the round ring at its base.