DA VINCI CODE-Limited Edition Pen

Designed to be immediately recognizable as TIBALDI, the ornament is one of the distinctive features of the pen. Richly engraved with the suggestive symbol of the rose (embedded into a silver/gold frame), also characterizing the lid of the cryptex box. With a square section at the top, gradually tapering to the round ring at its base
The non-metallic trim of cap and barrel, and the internal structure of the pen consist of the finest stress-free resin. Carved from a single bar of raw material, thickness is consistent, guaranteeing the durability of the component
The Da Vinci Code pens by TIBALDI are produced as a numbered limited edition, reflecting the divine proportion and the phi coefficient according to which they have been meticulously designed and constructed.
• 618 sterling silver fountain pens • 618 sterling silver roller balls • 61 solid 18K gold fountain pens • 18 solid 18K gold roller balls

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