Tibaldi’s past has delivered a classic form perfect for reviving in a modern version that respects the vintage original. Tibaldi’s Art Nouveau pen updates an exquisite form from the 1930s, fashioned in three exclusive colours of celluloid. Tibaldi’s craftsmen spent three years devising the appropriate material, to be offered in Lapis, Malachite and Indian rainbow, carefully reproducing the colours and the shape that would have been familiar to pen users over 80 years ago.

Tibaldi’s Art Nouveau pens will be issued as a limited edition encompassing a total of 1890 pieces, the number representing the year that the Art Nouveau movement was born. Each of the three colours of Lapis, Malachite and Indian Rainbow will be offered as a Fountain Pen, of which there will be 150 of each colour; a Roller Ball produced in series of 150 per colour; a Ball Pen for which there will be 250 for each colour; and a Mechanical Pencil of 80 in each colour. The end user may select one of the three clip designs of Mermaid, Amazon or Nymph to be fitted to the pen that he or she orders.

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